About Us

Tom Keightley
Managing Director

Cyril Walsh
General Director

Henrik Facile
Master Blender & Créateur

My lifelong passion is finding the perfect balance between flavours in beverages and for the past 27 years that have also been my job as a master blender, working with Rum, Vodka, Whiskey and Gins. As far back as 2013, I started to look into the possibility of using this experience to create interesting complex products but without using alcohol.

After making several gins over the years with an almost endless variation of botanicals, of course with Italian Juniper as the star and the fresh citrus notes from Sicilian lemons, lime and bitter orange just to mention a few, the choice was easy… Let make a Gin & Tonic that has all the qualities of a premium gin and blend with perfectly harmonizing tonic.

Well, easier said than done ! When extracting flavours from the botanicals, in the same way as you do for traditional gin making, by a combination of high pressure and vacuum you need to ensure that you are left with only the pure essence of each natural product.

Once you have the selected flavours the work of combining them into this classic drink starts. This is a huge challenge as alcohol carries and accentuates while water can subdue flavours.

Tonic matters and we found it difficult to get to Perfect with so many options available, so our preferred solution is to pre-mix our G & T for consistency of experience and enjoyment. We use natural quinine and just enough carbonation for refreshment and enjoyment.

Finally the blend was ready. With a nose championed by soft Italian juniper with hints of coriander and citrus followed by the clean classic gin taste, yet again the juniper and a number of other botanicals with citrus freshness and of course the slight but enchanting bitterness from the quinine. This all together, is the character of a truly premium G & T.

Ready to enjoy, over ice with a slice of lime… Perfect

Henrik Facile – Master Blender & Créateur.